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Kind Words

One of the best gifts I have ever received was the following story sent to me by an owner of a print of the painting “Woman in Profile” which graces the cover of my new CD.

“There is a print of a painting that hangs on my wall. It is number 3 of 100. I often wonder where the other 97 hang and do the owners speak to it, as I do, and does it speak to them?

She is a wise old woman. The creases on her face as vast as her age. Yet she is proud and with her chin held at such an angle so as not to be arrogant. Only all knowing. She is beautiful.

Her eye, as only one is shown in her profile, is all seeing as she appears to squint into the sun.

I speak to her like a madwoman and she calms me with her presence.

The artist that created her holds her lover’s heart, and the hearts of those around her so strongly that they all stand taller, stronger in the faith she has in them.   Instills in them.

Only such a keeper of hearts could create, capture this amazing creature on canvas.   So I can hang her on my wall…

And stand a little taller, and step a little stronger.”

– Fiona Cameron


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