Music is the crucible that cradles and nurtures cultures’ emotions.  It is also perhaps the most effective means for those cultures to be reflected back to themselves in a new frame so that they might continually be nudged forward towards greater social justice.   Music is the voice of the people.

Heather Bishop's Discography

TitleRelease Date
Grandmother's SongDecember-1979
I Love Women Who LaughDecember-1982
Purple People EaterMarch-1985
A Taste of the BluesNovember-1986
Walk That EdgeDecember-1988
A Duck in New York CityNovember-1989
Daydream Me HomeOctober-1994
Chickee's on the RunDecember-1996
Heather Bishop LiveApril-2000
A Tribute to Peggy LeeNovember-2003
My Face is a Map of My Time HereMay-2009

The Songs

My Face Is A Map Of My Time Here

  • Party in the Sun
  • Everybody
  • I Ain’t No Saint
  • Hallelujah
  • That Serpent
  • Ancient Cry
  • I Remember It Well
  • Money
  • I’m a Beauty
  • I Don’t Want to Play in Your Yard – Playmate

A Tribute to Peggy Lee

  • Is That All There Is?
  • It’s a Good Day
  • I Don’t Know Enough About You
  • Pass Me By
  • I’m a Woman
  • Fever

Heather Bishop Live

  • Aging Grace
  • Cry
  • Take Me Tonight
  • I Want to be a Cowgirl Sweetheart
  • Cyber Love
  • Secret Love
  • Whisper Talk
  • Tennessee Waltz
  • The Letter
  • How Could Anyone
  • Homeward Bound
  • Goodbye
  • No Bourbon Boogie
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Look to the Rainbow
  • All is Well

Chickee’s on the Run

  • Jungle Groove
  • Chickee’s on the Run
  • I’m Mad
  • The Tortoise Race
  • Sleepy John
  • Cass Rap
  • Only in Australia
  • Sheik Shaboom
  • Dirt Bike Boogie
  • Salt in Your Socks
  • I Love That Dog

Daydream Me Home

  • Let Me Make it Up to You Tonight
  • Sheik Shaboom
  • Daydream Me Home
  • Waitin’ For You Mama
  • Born to Live
  • If You Leave Me Darlin’
  • The Galaxy/Lighten Up
  • Dream Line Special
  • Hymn to Her
  • Warrior

Old New Borrowed Blue

(only available as a digital download)

  • Yes to Life
  • Nothing Like the Freedom
  • Grandmother’s Song
  • Waltz Me Around
  • Do I Move You
  • I’m Not the One
  • Spirit Healer
  • Our Silence
  • Les Moutons
  • Did Jesus Have a Baby Sister
  • Tell Me More and More
  • Yukon Rain
  • Prairie Wind
  • Sailing Away
  • Cry Me a River
  • Break My Heart
  • If You Love Freedom
  • Ancient Cry

Walk That Edge

  • Coming For You
  • Let Them Talk
  • Walk That Edge
  • Blanket of My Love
  • Given For Free
  • Break My Heart
  • It Calls You to Sail
  • I’m Not the One
  • Lay Me Down
  • Anna Mae

A Taste of the Blues

  • Taking My Baby Uptown
  • A Taste of the Blues
  • On the Run Again
  • You Don’t Own Me
  • Seduced
  • Tell me More and More
  • Daddy’s Little Girl
  • Spirit Healer
  • Keeping On
  • If You Love Freedom


  • The Alligator Waltz
  • Long Tall Texan
  • Woodmore Polka
  • Seed in the Ground
  • Boom Boom
  • Bellybutton
  • The Barn Dance
  • He’s My Brother
  • If You Love a Hippopotamus
  • Lullaby Medley
  • Ghost Riders in the Sky*
  • Fairy Song*
  • The Name Game*
  • Oh No Bo*
  • Winter Lullabye*
  • The Man with the Weird Beard*
  • Silly Song*
  • Always a Mission/Somewhere Over the Rainbow*

*from Purple People Eater CD

© 2012 Heather Bishop