Receiving the Order of Canada from Michaelle Jean, Governor
General of Canada

Grammy with two of her four grandchildren - Zara and Lucy


Heather Bishop is appointed to the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments

Two Manitobans to help choose next senators

Heather Bishop was the keynote speaker at the Women of Distinction luncheon held at the Fort Gary Hotel in 2007.
OTTAWA – Manitoba singer and songwriter Heather Bishop and former United Way Winnipeg President Susan Lewis will help choose Manitoba’s next senators, Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef announced this morning.  Monsef published the names of the members of the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments, including three permanent federal members, and two members for each of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec where the initial five appointments will be made.  The federal permanent members who will help select the Manitoba senators are Huguette Labelle, emeritus governor of the University of Ottawa, Dr. Indira Samarasekera, former president of the University of Alberta and Professor Daniel Jutras, the dean of law at McGill University.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on a plan to create a non-partisan Senate by appointing senators who do not represent a political party. In 2014, he removed all the existing Liberal senators from the Liberal caucus. They now sit as a caucus of Independent Liberals as senators, but do not sit with the Liberal MPs in caucus, nor were they invited to participate in the election campaign in a direct way as they have in the past.The committee is designed to ferret out senate nominees which will be submitted to Trudeau for approval. Because of the Constitution, he is not bound to appoint from the list but he has committed to do so. He will forward his chosen names to the Governor General to make the actual appointments.

Heather Bishop hangs out her shingle at

Tour De Trance Meditation

An unrelenting quest for self-knowledge has led Heather Bishop down many a crooked mile and onto stages around the world.  From sweat lodges in North America to conciliation circles in Aboriginal Australia, from the Flower of Life to the Enneagram, and finally to Hypnotherapy.  The impact on her own life was so profound that she dedicated 3 years to becoming a Master Hypnotherapist.  And from life’s alchemy was forged the metaphysical artist that Heather Bishop has become today.

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Heather Bishop is awarded a Doctorate of Laws (honoris causa)

In a Convocation Ceremony on June 4, 2011, Brandon University bestowed an Honourary Doctorate of Laws to Heather Bishop in recognition of outstanding contributions to the world of music and for pioneering contributions to the equality of women and minorities, and the furtherance of social justice for all Canadians.   Heather was thrilled to receive this award at the same time as Canada’s Abassador to the United States – the Honourable Gary Doer, and Canda’s Ambassador to the World – the most wonderful, Buffy Sainte Marie.


Heather Bishop is now a Marriage Commissioner

Heather is now licensed by the Province of Manitoba to legally perform and solemnize marriages.

Heather Bishop is awarded The Order of Canada

In a ceremony at Rideau Hall on November 18, 2005 Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean, Canada’s new Governor General, formally presented Heather with the Order of Canada. Few would argue that receiving the nations highest award in recognition of her work as an activist, volunteer and one of the country’s top selling independent artists would constitute a lifetime achievement, needing no encore. As an advocate for women’s rights, racial equality, same-sex rights, and environmental awareness and protection, combined with being a top-selling artist who pioneered independent distribution through the creation of the Mother of Pearl label, Heather Bishop should be able to slow down and enjoy the rewards for a life well-lived. Fortunately, Heather Bishop has never done what was expected of her.

Heather was decorated with the following synopsis of her contribution to this country:

“From her home in rural Manitoba, Heather Bishop has successfully cultivated a career of international scope as an independent artist. Since founding her own record company in 1976, this talented musician has released several acclaimed folk and children’s albums, and has toured extensively in many countries. Highly admired for her social activism, she has championed women’s rights and has spoken out aginast racism and homopobia. She also helped to develop and teach one of the country’s first pre-trades training for women courses at Red River College, in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Audio Recording Industry…

MARIA President Receives Order of Canada: Artist and Activist Heather Bishop Awarded Country’s Highest Honour

WINNIPEG, MB – The president of the board of directors of the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (MARIA) has been given this country’s highest national honour, Governor General Adrienne Clarkson announced on August 30. Singer-songwriter and activist Heather Bishop, whose incredible career has spanned over three decades, will become a member of the Order of Canada in September, along with four other Manitobans. Bishop was awarded the Order of Manitoba in 2001, the highest honour the province can bestow.

As one of the top selling independent artists in Canada, Bishop has pioneered the music industry both artistically and as an entrepreneur. With 13 albums – including four critically-acclaimed albums for children – and numerous awards under her belt, Bishop has performed for children in gymnasiums, for concert goers in front of symphony orchestras, and for folk festival audiences across the globe. Few artists have enjoyed a parallel success with both adult audiences and children, spanning generations as well as genres. Bishop’s career is a model for the independent sector of the Canadian music industry, whose artists and record labels are now responsible for more than 20% of all Canadian domestic sales.

“I have been continually struck by Heather’s enthusiasm for life, her ability to energize and animate those around her, and her ability to affect positive change in the diverse communities that she occupies,” says Sam Baardman, MARIA’s executive director. “Heather has lived a big life. As an artist, an activist, and volunteer she has worked to enrich the lives of those around her locally, provincially, nationally and internationally in a variety of fields. She has championed the rights of women, the gay and lesbian community, and independent music industry workers for decades and I can think of few people who have had such a transformative effect on so many.”

Bishop’s contribution to the arts community is extraordinary. She is one of the first singer/songwriters in Canada to successfully navigate a career of international scope entirely as an independent artist, producing, marketing, and distributing her recordings from her home base in rural Manitoba through her own Mother of Pearl Records.

Bishop helped to found MARIA in 1987 and returned to the board of directors as president in 2000, spearheading a period of transformation that took the organization from a small, struggling not-for-profit association into one of the strongest music industry organizations in the country. She also serves on the board of directors of the Manitoba Film & Sound Development Corporation and has been instrumental in developing that organization’s funding programs targeted to the music industry.

Baardman, who has worked with her directly at MARIA since his appointment as executive director in 2000, is not surprised by her award. “She has touched the lives of countless Canadians through the force of her convictions, her unwavering sense of justice, her incomparable art, and her spirited volunteerism.”

Heather Bishop is awarded the Industry Builder 2006 Award at the Western Canadian Music Awards

At the Western Canadian Music Awards held Oct 21 and 22 in Winnipeg this year, Heather was awaded the Western Canadian Music Award’s Industry Builder Award. This was in recognition by her peers for the contributions she has made througout her career to the Canadian music industry. Her volunteer work as the President of MARIA and on the board of Manitoba Film and Sound were cited in particular. She was credited with playing an integral role in the phenomenal growth in the industry in Manitoba through her work with these two bodies.

Heather Bishop is awarded the Above and Beyond Award for the Arts

In a ceremony on April 9, 2006, Roberta Chrisitanson, President of the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts, awarded Heather the Artist Award for contributions Above and Beyond. The award recognizes Manitoba individuals who go above and beyond their daily professions to use art in ways that enhance the communities they live in and the overall quality of life in Manitoba. In addition to Heather’s contributions to Manitoba’s deep pool of artistic execellence, she was recognized for her volunteer committments as a mentor, teacher, and organizer.

Heather Bishop is awarded the Order of Manitoba

In a ceremony at the Legislative Buildings in July 2001, the Honourable Peter M. Liba, the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, invested Heather into this prestigious order.

Heather has dedicated her life to making a difference in the world. She has championed many causes, from fighting for the rights of women starting in the late 60′s to battling racism and homophobia. Heather is an experienced trades woman. She is a carpenter, electrician, plumber and auto mechanic. She initiated and taught the first Pre-Trades Training for Women course in Canada and was a founding member of the national Women in Trades organization.

Heather Bishop is best known for her work as a musician. She performs both for children and adults, and has received many awards including two JUNO nominations, a PMA nomination, two U.S. Parent’s Choice Gold Awards, and a NAPPA Gold Award. Heather has toured the world and performed with almost every major symphony orchestra in Canada.

In 1997 Heather also received the YM-YWCA Woman of Distinction Award.

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