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About the Fall 2019 Workshop:

The whole experience felt like a spa retreat.  All of these things are really just side effects of the wonderful humans that live there. The warmth, hospitality and generosity of spirit of Heather Bishop, Débora Cardaci  and Bibiana Vidal Curell is what makes this place so magical.  Dominique Medici (Instructor)


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Artists’ Workshops


We here at Mother of Pearl Studios are doing our part to address the need for skills development for artists.  After regularly attending workshops in other countries at a huge cost when you add in travel, accommodation and food, we decided to bring those artists of international stature here to Woodmore.  


Firstly, we have created a Master Class Series.   The first artist we brought in was Dominique Medici (  She delivered a magnificent workshop - Alla Prima Portrait Painting with a Chromatic Palette - September 27 through 29, 2019.    This sold out in a week and was a huge success. We were able to provide the workshop for much less than what we had paid to work with her in the States.

Secondly, we have created a Skills Development Series featuring workshops given by Débora Cardaci ( This is a series of workshops that build on each other taking the participants through the fundamental building blocks of creating good art.    


For the musicians we have created a Musicians' Woodshed Series featuring workshops given by renowned musicians.


The workshops are held at our studios here in Woodmore, Manitoba, which is an hour south of Winnipeg.   We are situated on 320 acres of beautiful wooded organic land complete with solar panels, straw bale studio retreat, labyrinth, and huge garden.  For those who want a residential experience, lovely and inexpensive bed and breakfasts are available in the neighbourhood as well as camping and motels within 20 minutes.  Some workshops will have the meals provided at cost.




We are:   

Heather Bishop  -

     Débora Cardaci  -

          Bibiana Vidal Curell  -







French, English, Spanish and Italian are spoken here….

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