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Fall 2019 - Alla Prima Painting with a Chromatic Palette Workshop


Coming to Winnipeg from Seattle is a wonderful contrast. I love the endless miles of flatness and straight roads. Getting to the land from the airport puts one in a relaxed and meditative state. The city life slowly falls away and there is a distant horizon and sky...lots of sky, and with it a deep breath. 


After some time I arrived at the Land and Mother of Pearl Studios. I am instantly in love seeing the natural building with passive solar off grid home that Heather has been building for some 40 years. I can’t remember ever sleeping as soundly as I did that first night. The next morning we took a walk through the woods to the studio, a fantastic studio with wood burning stove and plenty of space. We had 14 students and 2 models and the workshop flowed beautifully. Heather provided fresh local organic breakfast, lunch and dinner and my god, it was fantastic! The whole experience felt like a spa retreat.  All of these things are really just side effects of the wonderful humans that live there. The warmth, hospitality and generosity of spirit of Heather Bishop, Débora Cardaci  and Bibiana Vidal Curell is what makes this place so magical. I feel so lucky to have met them and had the opportunity to teach there.   Dominique Medici (Instructor)


I participated in the Dominique Medici workshop at Mother Of Pearl Studio of the Arts and it was a great experience. Heather, Débora, and Bibiana are very welcoming and passionate about art and are dedicated and hardworking. I think what they are doing bringing great artists from around the world is invaluable to us in Manitoba who now have an opportunity to paint and do art with such high level artists. Mother of Pearl is also located on a great and interesting property, the learning environment was great and everyone participating in the workshop was really friendly. It’s nice to get out of the city and just paint. I will continue to go to as many workshops out there as I can. Thanks Heather, Débora and Bibiana!   Todd Kowalski

I found Dominique’s workshop very inspiring.  Loved the limited palette and learned a lot from her step by step clear demos. Hope to take one of her workshops again in the future.   Terry Campbell

This cozy studio in the woods is not only a perfect environment for focussing on the art you create—it recharges you for the art you’ll make long after. Inspiring hosts and a brilliant instructor! Many many thanks for organizing this.   Karen Armstrong 


Fantastic, very informing experience all around. The teaching was excellent and the venue was outstanding; surrounded by Manitoba forests and prairie the energy was magical and rejuvenating. The workshop was well organized and run. The food was excellent. I feel very fortunate to have had this experience. A big thank you to the organizers for their vision and hard work!   Patricia Eschuk 

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