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The Cardaci series of workshops will be held in Débora Cardaci's studio in Woodmore, MB, which is one hour south of Winnipeg. The sessions run from 10:30am to 5:30pm with a lunch break.   The workshop requires a 50% deposit to hold your spot.  

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To register message Heather:

Drawing Basics

Essential Notions of Drawing



Date: October 3 and 4th, 2020

Price: $180 (plus GST)

drawing basics workshop.jpg

The many people who have the desire to draw, but feel intimidated to give it a try, will benefit and have fun with this drawing course.   Classes will be packed with friendly, solid, hands-on instruction, as well with inspiring tips.  Creating a specific three dimensional representational image does not have to be tedious or difficult if one has the right tools  If the essential notions of drawing are handled with assurance then the possibilities of stylization, abstraction and expressiveness can be developed allowing self expression and freedom to a work of art.

This course is open to all levels.

Professional artists are encouraged to experience this workshop.

Drawing is one of the most essential building blocks in any visual artist’s arsenal no matter their genre.   As such this workshop is designed for artists who are both entry level and more experienced.  The focus will be on representational drawing covering such issues as value, edges, perspective, foreshortening…..  By the end the students will understand the process of  creating a 3 dimensional drawing.  



Painting Basics - Harmony in Colour



Date: Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st, 2020

Price: $180 (plus GST)


For a painting to be in harmony it is necessary that the tones sound in unison. Just as in music if an instrument is out of tune, it breaks the structure and the consonance of the piece.  Similarly, a painting that lacks structure and tonal harmony, loses strength and capacity for expression.   This course is shaped so that the student can understand natural laws of colour that will take their practice of painting to the next level.

It is highly recommended that Drawing Basics is the pre-requisite for this workshop. Students will learn how to put colours in tune with each other to make the painting ‘sound harmoniously’.   

It is not unlike a science lab where experiments will explain the natural laws behind colour.  This will utilize a number of the elements acquired in the drawing workshop.

This course is open to all levels.

Sculpture Basics

How to Make a Plaster Casting in a Waste Mold



Date: November 13, 14 and 15th, 2020

Price: TBA

Sculpting Workshop.jpg

The term "waste mold" refers to traditional sculpture casting, where the mold is destroyed as it is chiseled off the cast.

In this workshop the students will create a piece in clay.  They will then learn how to develop a waste mold the classical way (think Rodin) and finally replicate the original piece.   This is the most inexpensive method of doing a casting of an original piece. 

All levels welcome.


Here at Mother of Pearl Studio of the Arts we have a private, passive-solar, straw bale studio/sleeping facility where the artist will work for the day. 

Straw bale house.png

Between the hours of 10:30 am and 5:00 pm Débora will drop in and give instruction and assessments. The artist is welcome to stay overnight. The facility includes a small fridge and hot plate for cooking. The cost is $150 plus GST per day which includes the overnight stay should that be desired. The artist is encouraged to bring something they are working on. Débora will have a conversation with the artist before coming to determine the best plan of action. 

To register message Heather:

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