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S H A R I N G  O U R  S T O R I E S

Since receiving The Order of Canada, Heather Bishop has become a sought after keynote speaker and master of ceremonies. Whether she’s addressing The Canadian Association for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment in Higher Education (CAPDHHE), or the Canadian Federation of University Women, the Jewish Foundation, or CUPE, she always moves her audience - through laughter and tears, and back again - and inevitably, brings them to their feet.

"Sharing our stories gives voice to our sameness: the fears around our differences begin to disappear, opening up the space for others around us to change. Thus, we change the world. Discovering our stories is an inside job which is the richest journey we will ever take."



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It's an Inside Job

Heather Bishop is dedicated to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just world. Whether playing your heartstrings with her rich and versatile voice, tickling your funny bone with her quirky brand of humour, or reaching into your heart, telling the story of how she got here, Heather invariably brings her audiences to tears and to their feet. She always leaves people ready to roll up their sleeves and take on the world.


Okay, I know it’s an inside job…but how do I get there?


We all know there are many roads to that One Truth and each of us must walk ours alone, but how about some kind of a map.  Like the crooked man, Heather Bishop shares with us the crooked miles she has walked and how each has informed her journey home to herself.  From social activism to spirituality, from counselling to the Enneagram, from sweat lodges to Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy, Heather shares some of the tools to help us navigate our way through the lessons we have come here to learn.


















H E A T H E R  A L S O  S P E A K S  T O . . . 

Leaving a Small Footprint


Heather Bishop has always been devoted to protecting the planet, and she walks her talk. She built her passive solar home in 1979 and, not only was it state of the art then, but her innovative ideas ensure that it still remains ahead of its time. Her latest adventure was building a passive solar straw bale cottage on her land and installing a 16Kwh solar panel system to meet all her power needs.

Our World is a Village


Highly admired for her social activism, Heather Bishop has championed feminism and the environment, speaking out against racism, homophobia, and discrimination of any kind. Her stories are a rich history of this country’s lumbering move forward to maintain our reputation as a leader in respecting, and being enriched by, diversity.


Music and Colour – Life as an Artist


For 4 decades, Heather Bishop has traveled the world, delighting audiences both young and old with her rich and versatile voice, her time tested song writing skills, and her quirky sense of humour – all beautifully captured on her 15 award winning recordings. Most recently, Heather returned to her easel and her first love, painting, showcasing her work in many one woman shows.


The Road Less Traveled

Heather Bishop comes from a long line of master builders, and she would be the first to say that the fact that her father had no reservations about teaching his young daughter his trade, even though it was the 1950s, was one of the biggest gifts he ever gave her. She went on to add automotive training, house wiring, and plumbing skills to her ever expanding tool belt.


The Search for Spirit

Heather Bishop has long been on her road home to spirit. And no matter what she is addressing – whether it’s protecting Mother Earth or the rights of her citizens, Heather’s spiritual beliefs run as a powerful thread throughout. Her journey is informed by her recent certification as a Master Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, as well as her training  in Time Line Therapy.




The Creative Business Approach

Heather Bishop’s career as an internationally renowned cultural worker for over 4 decades, from a small hamlet in rural Manitoba (no big city address needed), is due in large part to her many skills as a small business owner in Canada. Studying at the knee of her mistakes, Heather has become a small business guru to scores of students and mentees she has guided with her expertise and support.


The Gift of Being Gay

Heather Bishop came out publicly in 1972. It was a lonely time because while the majority of her community was forced to hide to protect themselves, their family, and their jobs, Heather was standing tall and catching strong, hate-filled winds. Today, although the struggle for equality is not over, Heather is filled with gratitude to have witnessed great change in her lifetime. Music is the crucible that cradles and nurtures cultures’ emotions.  It is also perhaps the most effective means for those cultures to be reflected back to themselves in a new frame so that they might continually be nudged forward towards greater social justice.   Music is the voice of the people.



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