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T O U R  DE  T R A N C E

Heather Bishop is a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  


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"It’s like you explore pockets of your own inner hidden dialogue that silently and secretly influences your life and, by accessing these through this methodology, you have the opportunity to not only explore them, but to exploit them.  The rapidity of the change amazes.  You will leave feeling great, having grasped the separation between yourself and the event you were in.  This is for those who are ready for rapid transition."   Sandi Howell, Winnipeg, Canada.


  • A powerful way to truly come to know yourself.

  • Not hypnosis.  You are always in control during a session.

  • Not long term.  A session is 1 to 2 hours and results are rapid and profound.

  • An extremely effective tool for releasing locked-in limiting beliefs or negative emotions – fear, anger, guilt, sadness…

  • An amazing way to connect your body, mind and spirit.

  • Life changing in the most positive and profound way.


H Y P N O T H E R A P H Y  I S. . . 

Take an exciting journey of self-discovery and acceptance.  Banish the nagging judge that weighs heavily on your shoulders.  Heal your past, shift the way you experience your present and choose your future.



Hypnotherapy is perhaps the most life changing journey you may ever take.


So what is it? We are forever told to ‘know thyself’. There are many ways to do that – this is one of the more powerful ones.

What if there is a way for you to enter the great library of your mind where all the books are YOUR stories…all the journeys that brought you here. Lots of these stories you don’t even remember… because your unconscious mind stores all of your memories for you and hypnotherapy is the doorway to enter that library.

Think about it. How could we possibly consciously remember everything we’ve experienced? Our brain takes in hundreds of bits of information per second, sorts them, and then stores but a few of them. It’s the sorting of them that sets up our beliefs and we then rely on those beliefs for the foreseeable future – unless we choose to unearth them, re-examine why we settled on them, and then make new choices in line with who we are now. The choices we made in the past were good choices given the circumstances at the time, and now we no longer need to hold on so tightly to that knee jerk reaction – we just don’t know how to jettison the old beliefs.

These things that are holding us back got locked into our memoires in our unconscious mind for a good reason. They kept us safe. They served us in some way. When they don’t serve us anymore, our unconscious mind doesn’t know that because it’s been hanging onto that negative emotion or limiting belief for us – as a service to keep us safe – whether that’s still true or not.


In hypnotherapy you go into a light trance – think daydreaming – and your unconscious mind has a chance to talk to your conscious mind and sort all of this out. When the two communicate – magic happens. Change happens. Your conscious mind is always present during the trance (unlike hypnosis where the conscious mind is put to sleep).  What’s different is your unconscious mind is wide awake and showing you the stories you need to remember to bring about that change.

Sometimes your unconscious mind can get pushy. Thing’s been in your face lately? It could well be your unconscious mind telling you it’s time. It’s time to take a look at this. It no longer serves you. It might go something like this…….you find yourself experiencing a negative emotion – like anger – much more strongly than situations warrant. You decide it’s time to change this. In trance, the question is put to your unconscious mind – ‘when did you first lock in anger?’ To the surprise of your conscious mind (which at first blush wants to doubt) your unconscious mind will tell you when and then take your there and show you what happened. Together you can release that which you no longer need.

When emotions aren’t allowed to process naturally through the body, they form a functional boundary in our neurology. It’s like a balloon is formed, containing all of the emotion inside. This balloon then tends to interfere with the natural flow of energy throughout our body, thus causing emotional and physical turmoil. The result is that we may feel drained of energy, tired or burdened, and may have a number of physical symptoms. Since our mind profoundly affects our body, it is essential to release our emotions and limiting beliefs as part of our healing journey. Along with more physical interventions, Hypnotherapy is an essential part of the healing journey bringing Body, Mind and Spirit into harmony.



We are our thoughts.

We used to say ‘seeing is believing’. Now, as a result of Quantum Physics, we know that ‘believing is seeing.’ Once we congruently believe something, it becomes manifest in our lives. We are our thoughts. This is not just about positive thinking, it is about congruently believing those thoughts. Because our Unconscious Mind operates behind the scenes, playing out the programs that it has been given in the past, it is essential to release the old programs in order to allow new, healthier ones to form. The problem with traditional change processes is that often it requires conscious effort and will power to maintain the changes. Once the changes happen in the Unconscious Mind, the new behaviour operates on its own.

An unrelenting quest for self-knowledge has led Heather Bishop down many a crooked mile and onto stages around the world.  From sweat lodges in North America to conciliation circles in Aboriginal Australia, from the Flower of Life to the Enneagram, and finally to Hypnotherapy.  The impact on her own life was so profound that she dedicated 6 years to becoming a Master Hypnotherapist.  And from life’s alchemy was forged the metaphysical artist that Heather Bishop has become today.

Suspend disbelief and take a guided tour.  You will be assisted with a deep meditative state that results in an expanded consciousness. 



The journey is yours to choose.

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